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Perspective Physics

Exploring the nature of different points of view, the external pressures of each environment, the depth of insight within, and the inevitable results of the lack thereof.

GENERAL ~ Physics of Perspective

Chuck's Physics of Perspective

Britney's Physics of Perspective

Thomas' Physics of Perspective

Emily's Physics of Perspective

Abraham's Physics of Perspectve

Xi's Physics of Perspective

More to come.


i2eYe ~ Perspective Podcasts

Structured discussion involving every aspect of life, society, identity, spirituality, high-concepts, politics, sexuality, art, pop culture, taboo subjects and much more.

Conceptual Insight

Reevaluating, redefining and reimagining everyday concepts and pressures is how any mind can add depth where there was none before, to see the world like never before,

Perspective Vs Point of View

Understanding vs Knowledge

Principles vs Principals

Maturity vs Memorization

Wellness vs Health

Strength vs Toughness

Individual vs Identity

Bright vs Smart

More to come.

i4ANeYe Special Relativity

Every living being experiences different aspects of nature, most see the world through an understanding of general relativity.  Some however, experience a deeper brighter view.

Albert Einstein

Nikola Tesla

Diana Spencer, Princess of Wales

Muhammad Ali

Marie Curie

Stanley Kubrick

Jordan Peele

More to come.

Perspective Philosophy

Philosophy isn't about memorizing others' expressions of insight, it's about reevaluating our own, evolving our own principles and expressing an objective sense of self-discovery.

Solving Math's Greatest Paradox

The "Why" Axis

The Holy Grail

Evolution of Enlightenment

Myth Misinterpretations

The Pressures of Insecurity

The Physics of Philosophy

Where Humanity Went Wrong

More to come.

Expressions of Self-Discovery

Why publish your vulnerabilities online where others will diminish you for it, when you can connect to others who can relate to how differently we have felt we are and this world could be.

Interactive Perspective Network with mobile device applications, third-party and user content creation, publications, media & communication systems.

The next evolution in Social Networks will be Perspective Networking.


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The only true power we possess in physics is the power of "Perspective."  The foundation of your reality and what you project externally is based entirely on the environment, currents, & fears of the time and space of your development.    Your environment and its pressures... are what shape you.

What if what you have been told was "fact" ...

What if what you now "see" as true, and ... 

What if what you are now convinced is "real..."



... is in fact only a shallow immature primitive misunderstanding of consciousness and depth of field itself?  Depth of your awareness?  Depth of choice?  What if your incomplete point of view is actually at the root of your inner depression?   What if the issue and pressure you have always felt but ignored are the very core principles you have defended your whole life ?  What if the source of your discomfort can be found and exercised by evaluating and challenging everything you think you know?  What if?

We aim to provide a network for open minds to rise, expand and truly feel free to bloom.  To express what some feel the "normal" masses who they have always felt suffocated by, who some know could never truly understand, could make all the difference.  There is nothing more toxic than being surrounded by the wrong influences, in the wrong environment at the wrong time and wrong place.

There is no oppression in physics, only in society and the unnatural currents of our environments.  6:18 ~ Rise & Shine.

More to come.
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Chapter 6.18 ~ 0

The Pilot Light

Released:  December 25, 2021

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The purpose of our new proposed direction, momentum and objectivity is ultimately and foundationally unmotivated by making a profit, being mistaken as prophets or creating an inorganic false forced perspective of the nature of nature.  We aim to do the exact opposite.

i4ANeYe isn't interested in going viral.  This perspective educational mindset of core principles, a new system of thought process like an objective tool meant to spread as an anti-viral antidote.  Ultimately, it's not about a small group of great expansive minds having all the right answers, it's about all of us making sense.. a new sense, a greater way of looking at the world.  A healthier way of looking at ourselves and the people around us.  Re-evaluate value itself.

People attribute magic, divinity, fate, karma, gods, ancestry, astrology, the gravitational pull of other planets and other higher "forces" to their behaviours, their fortunes, misfortunes and eternal end but so few consider the "current" and energy of their toxic social influences, directional influences, biological influences and stagnant "comfortable" environments to the outcome that could determine their depth of perspective and awareness, of everything.

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