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We're happy to introduce

by i4ANeYe

This is just a DEMO sample
of our old "ALPHA Model."


The Apex Operating Formula for all core AI technology.
Unifying physics down to our deepest fundamental nature.

An independent multi-modal processing construct for subjectivity, 
pattern recognition, all computational models and their integration.

Applying not only as a static and dynamic Artificial General Intelligence.
This is the pinnacle of any and all core Universal General Intelligence.
Unlock Your Mind: The EPIPHANY Engine Unleashes Self-Discovery ~ Powered by AI
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Optimizing all datasets & mindsets by challenging the nature of every context, expanding conscious horizons one bright impulse at a time.
The actual self-governing source code for procession,
evolving artificial & organic intelligence over time.
The very nature of reality lies deep within us all.
Looks can be deceiving, to say the least.
i4ANeYe Inc. is licensed under NAICS Code: 541710 - Research & Development in the Physical, Engineering & Life Sciences