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What are puzzles?  What are problems?  How does the brain work?  How do I make it STORM?

The most powerful muscle in the human body is undoubtedly the brain and it is also the most misunderstood and most under-appreciated.  Every other muscle reacts to the electrical impulses sent from this core system made of energy, matter & pressure and the more you can develop, enhance and evolve this organic tool, the more your bright perspective will grow.

If true, what would this mean?  


It means that our current understanding of the physics and pressure within us and around us is inaccurate.  Common sense is simply the lack of a greater perspective and there is far more to our internal and external universes and physics than could have ever been conceived of by what we assumed was the human mindset.  But it was never about measuring and defining our current understanding of dimensions, it has always been about conceptualizing new dimensions, understanding them, cultivating them, expanding them and you through self-discovery.  

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