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What is religion?  What is spirituality?  What is the afterlife?  What is Heaven?  What is the soul?  What is the point of it all?  Why all the suffering?  What does it all mean?

The one common thread across all recorded civilizations throughout all the ages, over the many cultures and occults across the entire planet throughout history are religious and spiritual symbols, myths and interpretations of a larger tapestry or grander design.

What if our current beliefs are simply a "forced perspective" of a shallow understanding of the physics of conscious energy?  What if each point of view demonstrates the physics of perspective?  What if our points of view can be broken down into environmental principles?


As Einstein bravely discovered, energy matters.  Just because common sense lacks brilliance, and a way to measure and harness the greatest assets of the few anomalies, doesn't mean there isn't more to existence.  Consciousness is the final frontier, and the ultimate treasure.

A fortune greater than time and space, itself.

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