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What is climate?  Is our ecosystem actually changing and evolving or is it all a hoax?  How can we tell?  What does it all mean?  It's complicated.  Can we do something?  Can we do anything?


When the establishment debates climate change, they frame it through the economy, families, freedom, rights, and other short-sighted manipulating topics.  Maturing is understanding that physics is the stem of which all nature, reality and all things stem from.  The physics of our only external environment is rapidly losing its long held natural balance and all most people care about is their own reputation, accounts, comforts, false legacies and own insecurities.

What is the point of raising and supporting a family if our world becomes unrecognizable and inhospitable.  What good is a legacy if we are left without a leg, or planet to stand on?


The power to do nothing is not power.  Our power to do something, to do anything is fleeting.  If we don't re-evalute who we are, who we could be and why, it's all over.  We've been fooled by past, selfish, ignorant, self-absorbed generations who had no true understanding of physics.

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