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What is Governance?  What is Government?  What is Democracy?  What is Free Will?

We are all born into an established national and social culture whose axioms and sense of pride have been long arbitrated and established before your time.  Choices, instincts, values... all decided for you, based on the insecurities and short-comings of generations long past.

What if your current perspective of Free Will is just an illusion of choice?


Power has nothing to do with strenghth, success, being good, kind, right or even considerate.  Free will isn't about being able to live within the narrow confines of Left vs Right, nor is it about making a "living."  It's about the freedom to decide what life means to each individual, their pursuit of their choice, whether understood at the time or not.  Free will is the ability to have an open mind and an open heart, simultaneously and free of any and all discrimination.

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