What is Physics?  What is Nature?  What is Life?  What is Maturity?  WTF?

The very concept of understanding "it all" seems inconceivable.  Technically, it is impossible to know it all, but understanding it all is an entirely conceivable notion.  Not only that, once you conceive of stable objective physics, you will begin to see your world change before your eyes.

What is the Theory of Everything?  What is the Holy Grail?  M-Theory?  Pandora's Box?

Myths and legends persist for a reason.  Plato's allegory of the cave... and the countless philosophers and free-thinkers since have been dissecting and re-imagining human consciousness and the meaning of life but few have ever made sense of our greater senses, in a way that can explain the way we all feel.  The physics... of us.  Relativity.  The physics of who we are and ultimately, who we are destined to become.  Understanding conscious physics... is it.