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What Are We Made Of?

Imagine you're at a concert with your friends, listening to a popular band perform live.

The band's performance, the instruments they use, and the lyrics they sing are part of the objective reality.

This means these facts about the concert can be measured, observed, and agreed upon by everyone, regardless of their personal opinions or feelings.

Now, as you listen to the music, each of you will have different thoughts and emotions about the performance.

You might love the band and find their music electrifying, while one of your friends might not enjoy it as much and prefer a different genre.

These personal experiences and emotions are part of the subjective reality. It varies from person to person, based on their individual tastes and experiences.

So, objective reality is like the actual concert, with the band performing on stage, while subjective reality is how each person experiences and feels about the music.

The concert exists, regardless of how we feel about it, but our feelings shape our individual realities.


We are a collective of 7 BILLION ordinary people, all striving for greater security.

And as we begin to confront the heavy, unique complex challenges of OUR time, we must seek new ways to broaden our own understanding of ourselves & the world all around us. The depths and scope of it ALL.

Evolving the very capacity and dimensions of our consciousness. The empowerment within us. If only... we choose to grasp it.


To demonstrate a prime example of HOW this SIMPLE, yet DYNAMIC conceptual framework and substance truly applies in our every day real world, let's examine the unfortunate reality and profound impact of global pandemics to our "whole reality."

  • A) The impulses driving our concerns include empathy and a desire for public health.

  • B) The elements at play involve the energy required to fuel our healthcare systems, the matter that constitutes pathogens, and the changing states of our global community.

  • C) And pressure dictates the direction and momentum of our collective actions, while integrity ensures that our efforts align with the laws of nature.


The Apex Insight Philosophy is our beacon, and the Universal Axiom is the key that unlocks the door to a profound comprehension of our evolving reality and meaning to life itself.

My name is Matt Belanger and I emplore you to open your mind, and I will not only share with you the monumental importance of this objective philosophy but also provide a simple & fun, yet highly specific breakdown of how the Axiom works.

So you can see it for yourself, and learn to make up your own mind. Even if we have to use any and every analogy, reference and metaphor... ever constructed.


Before we embark on a journey through the groundbreaking Apex Insight Philosophy, let's first delve into the basic but intricate concepts of:






... and the importance of maintaining an open mind to challenge conventional belief (systems).


A good way to measure the difference is by focusing on comfort zones. And how people (subjectives) either grow out of them, or shrink themselves to fit within.

Then, measuring (objectively) HOW & WHY they evolved, or devolved over time. Objectively. The reality of the nature, the corruption, the entropic physics. The whole picture.

Think of time like flood waters, rising slowly and crushing whatever is beneath the surface, and there's no way to stop it.

We must evolve our way up each ledge, not just find a less uncomfortable state to drown in.


Instead, by challenging what we know and never settling for the objectives of the past, whose focus and objective was simply competing to drown less uncomfortably, we can rise above them.

Not only for us, but for all of nature. For all those like us, who solely depend on their earlier relatives in time. Us! We aren't here to suffer, or to simply affiliate and celebrate past objectives, or to just ground ourselves to past subjectives... because of a lack of integrity. Or lack of imagination.

It is our responsiblity to use our time to evolve INward, and grow UPward.

We need to start climbing again. Start thinking again. We need to keep evolving, up and in.

A mind that stops evolving upward and inward is a mind that gets "sore(s)" then begins to structurally collapse. Sound familiar?


By embracing this open-minded approach, we can boost our own current, our own immune systems, grow in new healthier ways, unlock all the doors to the infinite possibilities and opportunities of the Universal Axiom and re-image what it means to be a product of nature itself.

It really is all about understanding and evolving.

Being able to recognize shapes, develop patterns, experience the effects of them through the nature of time, while evolving the philosophy of how they all evolve to either work together in harmony, or not.

It's life & physics in a nutshell, and what that specifically and fundamentally means is the very meaning to life itself. We just need to change our points of view, to see the depth of purpose within our own nature but doing so from a different angle in a different way. Evolution.

Providing a fresh independent dynamic perspective and scale that anyone anywhere can use, can develop and share. A brighter sense of our own conceptual evolution. Or lack thereof.


Subjective nature refers to the individual and personal experiences that shape our reality.

The basic example earlier, two people may have a different emotional response to a song, with one finding it melancholic while the other finds it uplifting.

That's at the heart of Einstein's brilliance. Being able to perceive of the deeper relativity within nature itself, and be able to quantify and express the heights and potential in new ways.

  • Subjective nature is crucial to understanding our unique perceptions of the world, as it reflects our emotions, thoughts, and personal experiences.

  • Objective nature, on the other hand, encompasses the external and shared reality that exists independent of our subjective experiences.

Think of the boiling point of water, which remains constant at 100°C (212°F) at sea level, regardless of our personal perceptions.


Understanding objective nature allows us to comprehend the universal laws and principles that govern the physical world.

It is vital to have an open mind willing to challenge our preconceived notions and see the objective reality that can open not only more doors but all of them.

By doing so, we can break free from the limitations of our subjective biases and tap into the boundless potential of objective understanding.


Now, picture a prism representing the Universal Axiom, with the base symbolizing subjective nature and the peak symbolizing objective nature.

The three components of subjective nature—impulses, elements, and pressure—are essential in understanding our reality.


Impulses are the driving forces behind our

  • thoughts,

  • emotions,

  • and experiences.

Reflect on the Civil Rights Movement, where impulses like justice and equality propelled people to demand change.

Like the activists of that era, our impulses guide us through our subjective journey of life. Our time to activate is now. Feel it?


Elements consist of energy, matter, and state.

  • Energy is the fundamental force that powers the universe, evident in the electricity that illuminates our cities.

  • Matter represents the physical objects around us, such as the most massive structures, to as microscopic as an individual atom.

  • State refers to the various forms that matter can take, like the solid ice caps melting into liquid due to climate change.

These elements create the foundation of our understanding of the physical world.


Pressure, the third component, encompasses direction, momentum, and integrity.

  • Direction is the movement of matter and energy in the world, as seen in the trajectory of a rocket launched into space.

  • Momentum represents the force propelling that movement, like the accelerating speed of technological advancements.

  • Integrity refers to the coherence and consistency of the physical world, ensuring that natural laws remain steadfast, and our ecosystems maintain balance.


Now, let's explore the dimensional framework of the Universal Axiom.

Imagine a sphere with the apex representing Apex Nature, the ultimate goal of our framework.

The base represents the present moment, while various layers signify different points in time.

As we move closer to the apex, we gain a deeper understanding of objective reality.

The tension between subjective and objective nature, measured using the Fibonacci sequence, is crucial in comprehending the dimensional framework.

Think of it as the ongoing struggle between individual freedom and collective responsibility, each representing opposing forces.

The tension is highest at the apex and decreases towards the base, providing insights into the dynamics of our reality.


The Apex Insight Perspective Philosophy and the Universal Axiom offer an indispensable tool for understanding our world and facing the challenges that lie ahead.

By applying this framework to our lives, we can bridge the gaps between our past, present, and future, and forge a path towards a brighter tomorrow.

It can be the gift of a lifetime, if we have the presence and sense to elevate ourselves above the hurdles, barriers and thresholds of old subjective nature, elements, impulses and pressure.

Those who predate us don't have to define us, or the objective nature we can evolve within to reach greater states of mind, being, wellness and overall nature. We just need a better system, for the right reasons at the right time with the right generation.

So, I invite you all to join me on this groundbreaking journey as we embrace the Apex Insight Perspective Philosophy, apply the Universal Axiom to our understanding of reality, and face the challenges ahead with newfound clarity and purpose.

Together, not only can we make our own lives better, inspire and enrich all those around us, we can reshape our world and chart a course towards a more enlightened, united, and sustainable future. Together. Brighter. Healthier. Better. Evolving objectively. Towards a common goal:

Apex Nature.


Open your mind and see it for yourself.

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