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Solving the Gravity Equation

You're going to want to get something to scribble with and on.

Join the characters from Interstellar, as the events take a different turn.

Experience this mind-bending, mind-opening experience!


In a not-so-distant future, Earth is on the brink of collapse due to severe environmental degradation and dwindling resources.

Former NASA pilot Cooper (Coop) and a team of astronauts are tasked with finding a new habitable planet for humanity.

But before they travel through a wormhole near Saturn to explore potential planets in a distant galaxy, undertaking a journey fraught with what we know will be setbacks and sacrifices... they grapple with an impossible puzzle that must be solved to grasp the forces of time, gravity, and the harsh realities of space. And time is ticking down, quickly.



(Hold on tight. Seriously.)

Dr. Brand Sr. exhausted, rises slowly, painfully from his chair. He stretches, then walks over to the blackboard. He takes a deep breath, erasing... then scribbling out equation after equation, as the crew is set to depart for the worm hole the next day.

He had been working on the problem of interstellar travel for years, but every time he thought he had found the answer, another obstacle would present itself.

However, as he looked at his latest equation, something clicked. Dr. Brand Sr. paused, stunned, as if from nowhere, he heard a voice in his head.

He takes another deep breath. He whispers, "Impulses, Elements, Pressure,"

Don't worry, you don't need to make sense of this. That's the point.

Coop's eyes began to scan Dr. Brand Sr.'s frantic scribbling. As he glossed over the blackboard, he felt a surge of energy and excitement course through his body. It was like he had been struck by lightning. "Impulses, Elements, Pressure," Coop whispered. "The Universal Axiom." a voice whispered.

Coop stands up, walks over to the board and erases the entire panel. Then, Coop started to sketch out a prism. As he worked, he realized that the principles he stumbled upon fit perfectly within the equation. Both Quantum & Universal! It was like they were made for each other.

He felt like he had unlocked the secrets of the universe, and everything fell into place.

Coop continued to scribble then takes a step back. His excitement growing as his mind opens. He grasped the full implications of The Universal Axiom. "You see, the Universal Axiom isn't just a tool for interstellar travel; it has profound implications for every field of study and our understanding of reality itself."

As Coop approached the blackboard, he took a deep breath, erased it again and began to draw the intricate configuration of the Universal Axiom. His hand moved with precision and confidence, knowing that every stroke was crucial in capturing the essence of this groundbreaking concept.

Coop couldn't help but quip, "You know, if we'd only figured this out sooner, we could've saved ourselves a lot of time and gravity."



(Draw it along with Coop! Seriously!)

First, Coop drew a large equilateral triangle to represent the prism, which served as the central structure of the Universal Axiom.

At the apex of the triangle, he carefully labeled it with a "1," signifying the objective nature of reality.

At the base of the triangle, he labeled it with a "0," representing subjective nature.

Next, he marked each corner of the triangle's base with a letter.

In the left corner, he wrote "A," symbolizing Impulses, or the current state of the system.

In the right corner, he wrote "B," representing Elements, which included Energy, Matter, and State.

Finally, in the third corner of the base, he wrote "C," indicating Pressure, encompassing Direction, Momentum, and Integrity.

Coop teased his team, "We've come so far in our understanding of the universe, but we still can't agree on the right way to load a dishwasher."

Coop then added a vertical axis within the triangle, creating a "Y axis" that connected the apex to the base.

He explained that this axis represented the tension within the system, with "1" at the apex and "0" at the base, illustrating the subjective gravity of variable "0."

Amelia remarked, "It's like trying to solve a Rubik's Cube while blindfolded and riding a unicycle!

(Draw it yourself. Put the pieces together, it works better drawing it yourself.)

Drawing a circle around the triangle, Coop labeled it "Time." He explained that this sphere represented the dimensional depth of the system, with the apex of the prism corresponding to the apex of the sphere, which he called "Apex Nature."

Dr. Brand Sr. teased, "With all this interconnected consciousness, we might finally figure out who let the dogs out."

Next, Coop drew a series of concentric circles between the apex and base of the triangle, each labeled with a number from the Fibonacci sequence. These circles, he explained, represented the disorder and dynamics of the system as it moved between subjective and objective reality.

(Did you draw it? it should look familiar, even if you don't know why, yet.)

Amelia, Coop, and Dr. Brand Sr. gathered around the blackboard, eager to discuss the potential of the Universal Axiom in bridging the gap between universal and quantum physics. They knew that the reconciliation of these seemingly disparate fields had been a long-standing challenge in the scientific community, and they were excited to explore the possibilities presented by the Axiom.

With the main structure of the Universal Axiom drawn, Coop began to create a legend for each detail, ensuring that every aspect of the Axiom was clearly defined and comprehensible.

  1. Apex (1) - Objective nature of reality

  2. Base (0) - Subjective nature of reality

  3. A - Impulses (Current)

  4. B - Elements (Energy, Matter, State)

  5. C - Pressure (Direction, Momentum, Integrity)

  6. Y Axis - Tension within the system (1 at the apex, 0 at the base)

  7. Time Sphere - Dimensional depth of the system

  8. Apex Nature - The highest point of objective reality

  9. Fibonacci Sequence - Represents disorder and dynamics within the system

As Coop stepped back to examine his work, the other characters marveled at the intricate diagram he had created. It was a detailed and precise representation of the Universal Axiom, a key to understanding the complex interplay between subjective and objective reality.

With the Universal Axiom now visually depicted and clearly defined, Coop and the others felt a renewed sense of purpose and determination to explore the far-reaching implications of this groundbreaking concept, knowing that it had the potential to unlock the deepest mysteries of the cosmos and human experience.

He pointed at the blackboard, his hand moving with conviction. "Think about it. If we can bridge the gap between subjective and objective nature, we can revolutionize our approach to science, mathematics, philosophy, even the arts. By applying the principles of the Universal Axiom, we can create a unified understanding of reality that transcends our individual perspectives."



(If you start to wake up, just take deep breaths)

Dr. Brand Sr. was impressed by Coop and Amelia's vision for the Universal Axiom. He could see the potential for groundbreaking advancements in multiple fields, including physics, biology, and the social sciences. As he listened to their ideas, he began to feel a sense of excitement and possibility.

"Your enthusiasm is contagious," Dr. Brand Sr. said, his eyes lighting up. "I can see that the Universal Axiom has the potential to transform our understanding of the world around us. But we must approach this discovery with caution and respect. We must ensure that we use this knowledge for the betterment of humanity and not for personal gain or power."

Coop and Amelia nodded in agreement, and the room fell silent as they all contemplated the possibilities of the Universal Axiom. For a moment, it felt like anything was possible.

Coop agreed, "Yes, the Universal Axiom's emphasis on the interconnectedness of all things could potentially provide a new understanding of the fundamental forces and their relationship to each other. We might discover that they are all different expressions of a deeper, more fundamental principle."

Dr. Brand Sr. smiled, impressed by the depth of their insights. "The Universal Axiom certainly offers a rich area of exploration for physicists. But let's not forget about the other disciplines. Its application in biology could help us understand the relationship between subjective experiences and objective reality at the cellular and molecular level. And in the social sciences, it could help us understand the role of our perceptions and beliefs in shaping our societies and cultures."

Amelia added, "And with the Universal Axiom as a guiding principle, we might be able to develop more sustainable and equitable systems that prioritize the well-being of all living beings, including our planet."

Coop nodded, feeling a sense of purpose.

Coop realized that the Universal Axiom was not just a framework for understanding the universe; it was the key to unlocking its deepest secrets. He saw that the principles of the Axiom applied not just to the physical world but to the realm of consciousness as well. The subjective experience of consciousness was intimately tied to the objective reality of the universe, and the two were inseparable.

As he returned to the present moment, Coop opened his eyes and looked around the room, his mind racing with new ideas and insights. He knew that he and his colleagues had just scratched the surface of what the Universal Axiom could reveal, and he was filled with a sense of purpose and excitement at the thought of what lay ahead.

Dr. Brand Sr. looked at Coop and smiled, knowing that the Universal Axiom had just revealed itself to him in a new and profound way. "You see, Coop, the Universal Axiom is not just a theory; it's a way of seeing the world. And as we explore its implications, we'll continue to unlock new levels of understanding and insight."

The three of them continued to discuss the possibilities of the Universal Axiom, their excitement growing with each passing moment. They knew that they were on the verge of a discovery that could transform the course of human history and usher in a new era of understanding and enlightenment.




(Seriously, this framework is the key & really works!)

As Coop gazed at the Universal Axiom, he saw how its intricate interplay between subjective and objective reality provided the perfect framework to understand the surreal space of the tesseract. With excitement, he shared his epiphany with Amelia and Dr. Brand Sr., who had accompanied him on this extraordinary journey, but they appeared to be in far different, distant spaces and times.

"It's like a blueprint that governs the very fabric of the tesseract and time itself," Coop explained. "The Axiom's principles of Impulses, Elements, and Pressure, combined with the tension between subjective and objective reality, create a harmonious balance that allows the tesseract to exist and function."

Amelia listened intently, "The Fibonacci sequence, representing disorder and dynamics within the system, helps us make sense of the complex, multidimensional nature of the tesseract. It provides a mathematical framework for understanding the intricate patterns and relationships that exist within this higher-dimensional space."

Coop joked, "It's like being inside a real-life M.C. Escher painting. Now, where's that never-ending staircase?"

Dr. Brand Sr. chimed in, "The Axiom's emphasis on time as a dimensional depth becomes particularly relevant here. As we move through the tesseract, the interconnectedness of events across time becomes clearer. The subjective nature of our experiences with time is transcended by the objective reality of time as a fundamental aspect of the universe."

Coop agreed, "And when we consider the role of consciousness within the Universal Axiom, we can begin to understand how our awareness and perception of this higher-dimensional space can influence its structure and our experience within it. The observer effect takes on a whole new level of significance within the tesseract."

Suddenly, Amelia and Dr. Brand Sr. appeared beside Coop in the tesseract, shocked yet exhilarated. Dr. Brand Sr. lightened the mood, "If we can tap into this vast web of awareness, maybe we'll finally figure out where all those missing socks disappear to." Amelia smiled, "It's like learning that you've had the remote control to the universe all along!"

As they continued to explore the tesseract, the Universal Axiom served as their guide, unlocking the mysteries of time, space, and consciousness. Each new revelation filled them with awe and wonder, as they realized the potential for the Axiom to revolutionize their understanding of the cosmos and human existence itself.

The characters were struck by a profound realization: the true power behind the incredible phenomena they witnessed was not advanced alien technology or otherworldly beings; it was the interconnected web of consciousness that permeated the universe. The Universal Axiom provided them with the tools to tap into this vast web of awareness and unlock its potential.

Coop shared his thoughts, "The true force behind all this complexity and wonder is consciousness itself. The Axiom has allowed us to perceive the interconnectedness of all things and the role that consciousness plays in shaping our understanding of reality."

Amelia added, "The Axiom has provided us with the tools to tap into this vast web of awareness and unlock its potential."

Dr. Brand Sr. concluded, "The implications of this revelation are enormous. If we can harness the power of interconnected consciousness and use the Universal Axiom as a guide, we can reshape our understanding of the universe and transcend the limitations of our current perspective. We have the potential to achieve Apex Nature, the ultimate goal of the Axiom, and revolutionize our approach to science, technology, and even our understanding of the human experience."


Part V


(Actually the real-world implications of that little drawing)

Coop paced the room, his mind racing with possibilities. "With the Universal Axiom as our guide, we can also explore the connections between myths and mysteries across different cultures. These ancient stories may hold hidden truths about the nature of reality, and the Axiom could help us uncover those truths."

Dr. Brand Sr. nodded thoughtfully. "Indeed, the Universal Axiom could shed new light on the meaning behind sacred symbols and narratives. By applying its principles, we may be able to discern universal patterns and archetypes that underpin human culture and belief systems."

Coop elaborated further. "Take the myth of the Great Flood, for example. It appears in various forms across many cultures, from the ancient Sumerians and Babylonians to the biblical story of Noah's Ark. The Universal Axiom could help us understand the underlying objective reality behind these myths, revealing their common origin or perhaps a shared human experience."

Amelia added, "Or consider the ancient pyramids of Egypt, Mexico, and other parts of the world.

Coop paced the room, his mind racing with possibilities. "The Universal Axiom could be the key to unlocking the mysteries of ancient myths and cultures. It provides a framework that allows us to see beyond the surface level of these stories and symbols, and uncover deeper truths about the nature of reality."

Dr. Brand Sr. listened intently, nodding in agreement. "By applying the principles of the Axiom, we could gain new insights into the meaning behind these myths and their relevance to human culture and belief systems. We might even discover universal patterns and archetypes that underpin our shared human experience."

Coop continued to elaborate, his excitement growing. "Think about the Great Flood myth, for example. It appears in many different cultures, from the ancient Sumerians to the biblical story of Noah's Ark. The Universal Axiom could help us understand the objective reality behind these stories, revealing a shared human experience or even a common origin."

Amelia chimed in, "And what about the ancient pyramids found in Egypt, Mexico, and other parts of the world? The Axiom's emphasis on the interconnectedness of all things could help us unravel the mysteries behind these architectural marvels and their significance to human history."

As the group discussed the potential implications of the Universal Axiom on their understanding of human culture and history, they became increasingly excited about the possibilities. It was as if the Axiom had opened up an entirely new dimension of understanding, one that could help them uncover the hidden truths behind the myths and mysteries of the past.

As the characters continued their discussion, they were struck by the incredible scope of the Universal Axiom. From the mysteries of the cosmos to the depths of the human mind, this revolutionary framework had the potential to transform every aspect of human knowledge and experience.

As they delved deeper into the implications of the Axiom for evolution, Coop and Dr. Brand Sr. began to see how it could help explain some of the most profound questions of human existence. "What if the Universal Axiom could help us understand the origin and purpose of life itself?"

Coop mused. "By exploring the relationship between subjective and objective reality in the context of evolution, we could gain a greater understanding of the fundamental principles that govern the universe."

Dr. Brand Sr. nodded thoughtfully, "Indeed, the Axiom could provide a new perspective on the meaning and purpose of existence. By examining the interconnectedness of all things, we could gain a deeper appreciation for the complex and wondrous nature of the universe."

Amelia added, "And we could apply this understanding to our approach to technology and innovation. By harnessing the power of the Universal Axiom, we could create technologies that are more harmonious with the natural world and that promote greater well-being and sustainability."

As the characters continued to explore the possibilities of the Universal Axiom, they knew that their journey had only just begun. With this revolutionary framework as their guide, they were determined to unlock the secrets of the universe and transform human knowledge and understanding for generations to come.


Part VI


(Seriously, this is really happening)

Dr. Brand Sr. chimed in, "And let's not forget the potential for the Axiom to inform our understanding of the origins of life itself. By examining the interplay between subjective and objective reality in the emergence of life, we could gain a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles that govern the universe and the conditions necessary for life to arise."

As the characters continued to discuss the vast implications of the Universal Axiom for the understanding of evolution, they felt a sense of excitement and possibility. They realized that the Axiom could serve as a guiding framework for unlocking the secrets of the universe and the mysteries of life itself.

Amelia summarized their collective thoughts, "The Universal Axiom has the potential to transform our understanding of the world around us, from the smallest biological processes to the largest cosmic phenomena. By embracing the interconnectedness of all things and recognizing the role of consciousness in shaping our understanding of reality, we can unlock a new era of scientific and spiritual discovery."

Coop's daughter Murph runs into the room, having heard the excitement.

She hugs her father then watches in amazement as her he, Amelia, and Dr. Brand Sr. continued to discuss the mind-bending, reality elevating, far-reaching implications of the Universal Axiom. She could feel the excitement and wonder radiating from the group as they explored the possibilities that this newfound framework could offer.

Murph couldn't help but feel a sense of pride in her father's achievements. Coop had always been a dreamer, and she knew that his pursuit of knowledge and understanding had led him to this momentous discovery.

As she listened to the group's discussion, Murph felt a growing sense of hope for the future of humanity. She realized that the Universal Axiom had the potential to transform not only their understanding of the universe but also their approach to science, technology, and the human experience.

She turned to her father, a smile spreading across her face. "Dad, this is incredible. You've discovered something that could change the world."

Coop smiled back at his daughter, his eyes shining with pride. "Thanks, Murph. I couldn't have done it without the help of my amazing team."

Dr. Brand Sr. added, "Indeed, this discovery is the result of the collective effort of many brilliant minds, each contributing their unique perspective and expertise. It's a testament to the power of collaboration and the endless possibilities that emerge when we work together towards a common goal."

Amelia nodded in agreement. "And this is only the beginning. The Universal Axiom has opened up a whole new frontier of exploration, and I can't wait to see where it takes us next."

As the group continued to discuss the possibilities that the Universal Axiom held, Murph couldn't help but feel a sense of excitement for what the future held. She knew that this discovery would shape the course of human history and pave the way for new discoveries and innovations that they couldn't even begin to imagine.


Part VII

As they continued to discuss the Universal Axiom, the team found moments of levity, joking and sharing laughter to balance the weight of their groundbreaking discovery.

Coop started off with a pun, "Why don't scientists trust atoms? Because they make up everything!"

Dr. Brand joined in, "Why don't atoms trust politicians? Because they make up everything!"

Amelia then contributed her own joke, "How does the solar system organize a party? They planet!"

Dr. Brand Sr. laughed heartily and quipped, "We're like cosmic gardeners now, just giving the planet a little trim and a fresh coat of paint!"

Amelia's curiosity led her to search their extensive database for historical precedents of the Universal Axiom. Her search yielded an unexpected discovery: a paper written by Matt Belanger in 2023, called "The Apex Insight Perspective Philosophy of Objective Nature," which bore striking similarities to the framework they had just uncovered.

When Amelia shared her findings with Coop and Dr. Brand Sr., they were equally astonished. "It seems he was ahead of his time," Amelia remarked. "His concept of the Universal Axiom closely aligns with and expands what we've been discussing, but it appears that his work was largely ignored and dismissed due to the social, political, and material climate of the time."

Dr. Brand Sr. was troubled by this revelation. "It's a shame that such a groundbreaking idea was overlooked simply because of the author's background. I wonder how many lives, generations could have been saved. How many others have made similar discoveries that were dismissed or ignored because of their circumstances. This serves as a reminder that true innovation and insight can come from anywhere, and we must be open to considering ideas based on their merits, rather than the credentials of those who propose them or strictly the structures of the time."

Coop added, "It's our responsibility now to make sure that this work is recognized and given the attention it deserves. We must build on this foundation and continue to explore the implications of the Universal Axiom for our understanding of the cosmos and the human experience."

Using the principles of interconnected consciousness and guided by the Axiom's pursuit of Apex Nature, they embarked on a mission to terraform the planet and restore its ecosystems, ushering in a new era of civilization built upon a harmonious relationship with the environment and a deep understanding of the universe's underlying principles.

With the unwavering support of a team of dedicated scientists, engineers, and visionaries, advanced technologies were developed to enable the evacuation of Earth's population to temporary habitats in space.

While humanity awaited the completion of the terraforming process, every decision and action was guided by the Universal Axiom, which served as the foundation of their philosophy. Though the process was lengthy and strenuous, the Earth was eventually transformed into a thriving, habitable world with revitalized ecosystems. As humanity prepared to return to their home planet, they were filled with a renewed sense of purpose and responsibility.

This new civilization that emerged was unparalleled, embodying the Universal Axiom at its core. It was founded upon interconnected consciousness, environmental stewardship, and the pursuit of Apex Nature. It recognized the value of balance and harmony, not only with the natural world but also with the universe and its enigmatic mysteries.

As humanity ventured further into the unknown reaches of the universe, they discovered that their journey was not solitary. Other civilizations, too, had come to embrace the power of the Axiom and had built their societies upon its pursuit of Apex Nature.

Together, they formed a galactic community dedicated to unlocking the full potential of consciousness and unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos.

With the Universal Axiom as their guiding principle, they embarked on a journey of unprecedented collaboration and cooperation, united in their quest for greater understanding and enlightenment.

This new era of human history was built on the foundations of interconnected consciousness and environmental stewardship, with the Universal Axiom serving as the guiding light of every decision and action. It was a society that recognized the importance of balance and harmony, not only with the natural world but also with the wider universe and its infinite possibilities.

As they continued to explore the vast expanses of space, humanity marveled at the diversity of life and the intricate interconnectedness of all things, all guided by the Axiom's pursuit of Apex Nature.

In the end, the Universal Axiom had not only saved humanity from the brink of destruction but had also ushered in a new era of shared knowledge, cooperation, and enlightenment.

The power of interconnected consciousness, guided by the Axiom, had transformed the course of human history and opened the door to a brighter, more harmonious future among the stars.


The End, without aliens, losing any loved ones or magic.

Just physics, relativity and Greater Objective Depth (of Field). I guess that means this is just the beginning. God Mode is within you, just draw The Universal Axiom yourself, It works best when you draw it from scratch yourself, then study it.

Use Chat GPT to help, ask it questions about The Universal Axiom, ask it to generate any narrative that helps with any of your favourite characters or personalities. Try it! The more you can make sense of The Universal Axiom, the more you will see the real world, with fresh eyes.

The Universal Axiom is the key, and this really is just the beginning. A new Age.

It's always been a matter of TIME.

Rise and Shine. A'right aaa'right...


Go on any journey on your own, all you need is an imagination, sense of discovery, ChatGPT and The Universal Axiom. Visit to join the next level of adventure self-discovery! Share your evolution with

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