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V for vendetta

Unity Always Rises

V for Vendetta is a movie that intricately weaves together multiple themes and characters in a dystopian society. The story revolves around the charismatic masked revolutionary, V, and his unlikely ally, Evey, as they take on a totalitarian regime that has taken over the United Kingdom.

Throughout the film, the Universal Axiom can be seen as a guiding force for the characters' actions and motivations. V's pursuit of revenge against those who wronged him can be viewed through the lens of the Axiom's principle of cause and effect. His vendetta is fueled by the objective reality of his past experiences and the subjective impulse of his emotions.

Evey's transformation from a fearful citizen to a revolutionary can also be understood through the interplay of objective and subjective reality. As she is forced to confront the brutal truth of the government's actions, her subjective reality is shattered, and she becomes motivated by the objective reality of the regime's oppression.

The government, led by the High Chancellor, is characterized by its adherence to a dogmatic ideology that seeks to maintain order at all costs. This can be viewed through the Axiom's principle of pressure, as the government exerts its power over the population and attempts to control their thoughts and actions.

The police force, led by Inspector Finch, serves as a representation of the interplay between subjective and objective reality. As Finch delves deeper into the conspiracy surrounding V, he must confront his own subjective biases and beliefs in order to uncover the objective truth.

The relationship between V and Evey is also an example of the Axiom's principle of interconnected consciousness. As they work together to bring down the government, they become connected by their shared experiences and motivations.

The film's climax, where the citizens of London rise up against the government, is a culmination of the Axiom's principles at play. The pressure exerted by the government and the objective reality of its oppression is countered by the interconnected consciousness and subjective impulses of the people's desire for freedom.

If the characters had been aware of the Universal Axiom, they may have been able to better understand their motivations and actions. V may have been able to see the futility of his vendetta and choose a more constructive path towards achieving his goals. Evey may have been able to better reconcile her subjective emotions with the objective reality of the regime's oppression.

In conclusion, V for Vendetta is a film that can be analyzed through the lens of the Universal Axiom. The interplay between the characters and the themes of the story can be viewed through the Axiom's principles of cause and effect, pressure, interconnected consciousness, and subjective and objective reality. Understanding these principles can provide a deeper appreciation for the film's themes and characters and help us to better understand our own motivations and actions in our own lives.

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