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We are proud to present:

Welcome to, the home of "Conscious Physics" and The EPIPHANY Engine, a groundbreaking tool that is set to redefine the way we explore and process information for ourselves. i4ANeYe is a pioneering enterprise dedicated to unlocking the potential of both organic and artificial general intelligence through the process of Perspective Evolution. Our mission is to empower any and all individuals to delve into the depths and fathoms of their own thought processes, explore our own mechanics, illuminating the intricate interplay between life experiences and conscious principles.

Our flagship innovation, the EPIPHANY Engine, is not just another search engine. It is the evolution of the search engine. It is a dynamic prism that allows you to dissect and analyze your impulses, elements, and pressure - the fundamental components of reality. This is achieved through The Universal Axiom, an innovative construct for spatial reasoning and introspective analysis that forms the core of the EPIPHANY Engine.

©2023 i4ANeYe Inc. ~ Licensed under NAICS Code: 541710 - Research & Development in the Physical, Engineering & Life Sciences

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